Reviews from Longtime Clients

  • "We moved to Castle Rock from California and didn't have a clue about how to operate the hot tub in our new home. Luckily our new neighbor recommended Aqua Pro. We haven't looked back and that was 20 years ago. In the interim, Cindy and Gary at Aqua Pro have taken care of all our needs. They have not only handled our maintenance, but they are always just a phone call away. They've been honest and friendly and true to their word, every step of the way. We highly recommend Aqua Pro!"

    Emily Baker
  • "In the last 25 years I've had three different houses, move-ups each time. And every time I turned to the good folks at Aqua Pro for help with my spas. HydraZone is super easy to use. It's a one-step system. They install it, then it's done. No more shocking the water with harsh chemicals, adding bromine, adjusting the PH and all that crap. Plus, it's all natural and makes your skin healthier, which makes my wife happy. I wouldn't go back to that antiquated bromine system ever again."

    John Self
  • "My husband and I were referred to Aqua Pro by some friends who were very happy with the HydraZone system. We have been thrilled with both the product and with the excellent service provided by Aqua Pro. Our hot tub is so little trouble now and much cheaper to maintain. The product is better for ones' skin and health since there is no chlorine involved. Our water is clear. It is very simple to add the product twice a week. No testing involved. We can not only highly recommend the product, we happily recommend Aqua Pro for their excellent service. This  product and Aqua Pro are the best!" 

    Bob & Joan Tinnin
  • "I  met the Aqua Pro folks a few years back when I couldn't find competent service for my hot tub. Two areas of their service stand out:   1)  They fix Hot Tubs!  Its not rocket science, but many others act like it is,  Aqua Pro just fixes the problem and the Hot Tub works.   2)  Their water treatment process; "HydraZone" is wonderful:  I never have to change the water (used to change all 250 gallons 2-3 times a year), I don't have to buy chemicals and test the water with the hope I’ve got the PH, alkalinity etc. correct, the water is much better on my skin, and the costs are significantly less then the periodic purchases of chemicals.   Overall, I strongly recommend these folks if you love your hot tub!"

    Steve Saunders
  • "It is with pleasure that I recommend Aqua Pro. We have had our hot tub for many years and have used Aqua Pro since we got it. They are always very timely in getting to our hot tub problems and getting the problems fixed. We love their HydraZone system and would never use anything else. It literally takes care of your hot tub for you. The best!!! If we had to use all sorts of chemicals, etc. we would have gotten rid of our hot tub a long time ago. Thanks to the group at Aqua Pro."

    Tedi & Bobby Hunt
  • "I have been a loyal Aqua Pro customer for over ten years. Their service is prompt, professional, and very competitively priced. I also couldn't be a bigger fan of their HydraZone (peroxide-based) system versus conventional chemical based systems. It's virtually maintenance free, and keeps the water sterile and clean - no constantly testing the water or adding chemicals. The annual costs are also much cheaper than a chemical treatment system. I've used their HydraZone system with my hot tub the entire time I've been an Aqua Pro customer and highly recommend it!"

    Brent Amfahr
  • "We've owned four hottubs.  Only our current one has been serviced by Aqua Pro.  So now: no hassles with mixing chemicals; clean hot water all the time; reliable, friendly, expert service; fair prices, too.  A satisfied customer told us about Aqua Pro.  Now we're telling you: we'll never have another hot tub without Aqua Pro."  

    Larry Crabb